Do I have to sell my property at some point?

No you don’t. You can live in it forever.

Do I have to use a Loyalty Street agency when its time to sell?

Yes, you do. But don’t worry our agencies are very good at selling property.

What happens if I don’t use a Loyalty Street agency and sell my property?

You will need to reimburse Loyalty Street the fee that would have been paid to us from the agency had you used a Loyalty Street agency. This is approximately 1/3 of the fee you were charged by the agency that did sell your property. For example: Sales price £500K, sales fee of 1.4% x 33% = £2,331 plus vat. This is payable by yourself and not the agency you did use, in this instance.

Can I return the payment received?

Only if you have tried two Loyalty Street agencies in your area (for a minimum of eight weeks each) and they have not found you a buyer. Then you can.