Welcome To Loyalty Street!

Click on the video below to see how you can save 50% commission when you come to sell your property

Why use a Loyalty Street agency?

  • We only work with the best agencies in your area
  • We chose the best agency in terms of % of asking price achieved and the time it takes it them to complete the sale
  • We have negotiated a capped sales fee on your behalf which means they cannot charge you more, and we can do this as we provide them with a high level of business

Here's how it works for you:

  • Register with Loyalty Street
  • Receive an immediate cash loyalty payment to spend however you like and get a guarantee of a capped agency fee for when you do decide to sell your property
  • When you do sell your property – it could be today, in a few months or 30 years from now – all you have to do is choose a Loyalty Street agency

What’s in it for Loyalty Street?

When your Loyalty Street agency sells your property, they give us part of their fee